The First medicine is
The Love of God,
then Family
Careful what you pick it could have adverse
effects, Always test for reaction.
Rev 22:2
..............And the leaves of the tree were for the
healing of the nations
Gut' Shu wu Inc.
Native Holistic Medicine
Site updated on: March 13
This is the Home of Alternative Health aka


Due to the increase in requests for
exclusive contracts domestically and
internationally. We are offering
contracts for agents seeking to be
exclusive sellers for our three main
ointments, Skookem Ointment, Devils
Club Ointment and Kooshda naw'x
(Landotter medicine)

For more information leave your
contact information on the
"contact us" page and we will
call you with the details.
This site will never collect any personal
information. All payment sources for this site are
If you wish to order by phone please call
or download the order form and mail it to:
Gut' Shu wu Inc
PO box 273
Hoonah, AK 99829

Thank You for visiting, check back often for
updates as we are bound to make changes and
additions also if you have a picture you would like
to see added to this sight or any comments about
our products please send them to let others know
about your experience.
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Indigenous Traditional
Tlingit Medicines
All our ointments and
tinctures are made In
Hoonah Alaska
Gut' Shu wu is now in
downtown, Hoonah next door
to Grandma Ninas,
(not during the winter) For all
your Ointment needs. We are
also now making and selling
Sourdough Frybread at the
same location.

Authorised Retailers
Alabama,      Alaska,     Arkansas,
California,   Colorado,  Connecticut,  
Delaware,    Florida,    Georgia,     
Hawaii,   Idaho,   Illinois,     Indiana,   
Iowa,     Kansas,   Kentucky,   
Louisiana,     Maine,  Maryland,  
Massachusetts,    Michigan,    
Minnesota,   Mississippi,
Missouri,  Montana,  Nebraska,   
Nevada,   New Hampshire,   
NewJersey,  New Mexico,  NewYork,
North Carolina,    North Dakota,     
Ohio,  Oklahoma,  Oregon,         
Pennsylvania,   Rhode Island,     
South Carolina,  South Dakota,
Tennessee,      Texas,     Utah,
Vermont,  Virginia,   Washington,       
West Virginia,  Wisconsin,  Wyoming
Registered at AKASCA
Soon to come