Gut' Shu wu is a Tlinget owned and operated
business in Hoonah Alaska
Started in 2003
Skookem and Devils Club Ointment is our primary
product of sale
But we will be adding from time to time items from
the store.

Read for yourself the testimonials of just a few of
our happy customers
I bought some devil’s club ointment while visiting
Icy Straight Point recently, as a tourist.
I have had excellent results on my allergic eczema.
I would like to order more. Please tell me how I can
do this. Do you have a website??
I live in The Netherlands (Europe).

Yours with best wishes,

Benita Plesch

Purchased some Skookem and
Devil Club on a recent cruise.
The Skookem did such a good job
on my arthritis, I use it daily,
recommend it to others, and want
some more.  An order is in the

Charles M.
In June, we purchased the
Devils Club Oil during a
cruise to Icy
Strait Point.  My husband
has noticed that the oil has
helped his hair
grow back.
How can we purchase more
of the oil?
Patricia J.
hi Harlena :) my wife beth & i "dropped in" during the first week of July this year while on a
celebrity mercury cruise.  We purchased some Skookem ointment for beth's lower back. . .in the
fall i started applying it to my fingers for arthritis pain which has been increasing in recent years,
especially in the colder weather. (bummer dude. . .I like playing my guitar) :( I've mostly been
using it once a day at bedtime, and I've made other changes such as being more diligent in
wearing gloves when i work outside, especially in colder temps.  While the jury is still out on my
wife's back, i am definitely experiencing less discomfort in my finger joints at a time of year when
it's normally getting worse.  i have just put in an order for more and am looking forward to see if
the ointment can keep my aches & pains at bay during the winter.                Dennis
I visited your store at Hoonah in
September and bought some Devils  
Club to try.  It really worked and I
would like to buy some more.
What sizes and prices and how do I
pay you?

Frances L.
I Love your Skookem Ointment and
oil.  I have been using it
hamstring two years ago and is
cramping.  It is helping the discomfort
and cramping.  I also love the face
cream.  Keep up the amazing healing
work.  Thanks from Sisters, OR

Gayla N.
I recently purchased this and I think it works
How do I get more? Devil's Club ointment
Judith W. Plymouth MI
I have the Devils ointment using it for foot calluses. Is it
also good for dermatitis. My daughter’s hands are all cracked and
bleeding from allergies and eczema.
Mary W.
Just to let you know the Skookem Ointment you
rides 4 hours a day) really works, reordered
because without it, the pain returns.  I promised I
would let you know if it worked well it does, Thank
you so very much
love Jeannot G.
Your website is awesome. Your product is great,
I have the Devils Rub ointment
and oil and also the Skunk Cabbage. I use one when
ever I have pain. Wonderful Stuff.
I have ordered some for my friends,
neighbors, and family members.
We all swear by it. I will contact when I
need more. How has your family been, hope the
grandson is doing well.
Carol B.
Standish, MI
It's been a pretty mild winter so far here in New Jersey ... quite different from your neck of the woods!  The creams
are great, and especially useful on my joints during the colder weather ... now if they'd just work to lower my weight
we'd be all set!
Take care and remember spring is not far away!
Kathy W.

I ordered some and I can't tell you how happy and pain free I am since I did.  I no longer cry myself to sleep at night.
It doesn't have the harsh smell of many of the rubs sold in stores. It is actually a very pleasant yet extremely mild
smell. It has never stained my cloths.  Best of all it has helped my Mother, who is 90 years old. She was taking oral
pain medications and prescription pain patches to relieve the pain in her shoulders. The doctors told her there was
nothing more they could do for her. "It is simply old age" the doctor said. I was so excited to find something that
worked for me, I sent a I was one of the lucky people who read a Daily News article about Skookem Ointment. I
searched it on the Internet jar to my Mom in Florida. I am thrilled to say that she too, can get through even a rainy
day without the tears of pain. I am so grateful to Harlena and all of the Tlinget people for helping to bring us back to
our "roots". I also sent this to my Great Uncle who had fantastic results. Skookem Ointment has also helped my
daughter-in-law who has had pain in her knees since she was a very young child. I bought 10 jars and gave them to
friends and relatives, all of whom have good things to say about it. I could go on forever about the wonderful effects
of this ointment, but I think it is time for you to order it for yourself and see what I am talking about.
You wouldn't be disappointed. You will be "pain free".
MaryAnn B.
Helen asked:

Are you aloud to smear
Skookem ointment on
very large parts of the
body or can that be


You can use as much as you
want It is all natural so
you can smear it all over your
Gut' Shu wu
Hi Harlena,
I had an email from PayPal to say Mum's Skookem had
been shipped - many thanks.
Just wondered if it is coming be sea or plane? Mum
was wondering how long it would take to arrive? She
has now run out of the ointment we brought back with
us and has noticed more pain since not using your
ointment. It's just great that we have at last found
something to help her which does not conflict with any
of her medications.
So pleased we visited Icy Strait Point and found you!
Bye for now Harlena - have a good weekend.

United Kingdom
Sent: Tue, November 10, 2009 4:32:11 PM
Subject: Your product

Is your product guarenteed to work ? If it does not do I get a full
refund ?

Mr. Gabel,
Thank You for your question as we have not had a need for a
guarantee for our products. The Chinese have been practicing the
healing arts for thousands of years and thus far we have not heard
of anyone requiring a guarantee or a refund. The Tlingit also were
giving aid to the sick and feeble thousands of years before other
people started steeling our land and telling us we no longer could
live and practice our custom and traditional ways. Mr. Gable, My
people have survived and thrived where all others have fled or
died. NO we have no guarantee that our products work, My Father
who also was a Healer as well as his Mother gave no guarantee
either and as far as a refund goes I do not feel you would need our

PS this correspondence will be posted
on our website
We are required by law to inform you That the items sold by Gut
'Shu wu Inc. are not for treating illness or disease of any kind. The
F.D.A. has not evaluated these statements or products. Test for
allergic reaction before use.


Hi Harlena, Received my order with the
Kooshdaa naw'x (Landotter medicine).
Had a horrible extremely itchy allergy rash when it
arrived.  Used it immediately.  Within 10 minutes the
itch was gone.  Within 24 hours the rash was history.  
I will definitely be ordering more of this product.

Carole D.
Phoenix AZ
Notice: We reserve the right to refuse service.
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We visited Icy Strait  Point in September
and I was suffering from a very painful
when I walked.  While on a shore
excursion, our guide  was telling us about
your medicines. I got off the bus and went
to get a jar of Skookem Ointment.  I
immediately put it on my knee and leg and
did it twice a day. In a day, I saw a
noticeable difference in the pain.  I am
home now and enjoying the benefits of this
wonderful cream.  My husband has used it
for a sore heel and my son has used it for a
sore knee. We are believers.  Thank you
and I will be ordering again or maybe come
back to Icy Strait Point to buy more.
Loved your town.  

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Capital City Weekly
WOW! I purchased some of your Skookum ointment in June while
visiting Hoonah and Icy Straight Point- I have degenerative
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and occasionally suffer
great pain.  On a whim I tried it- I am usually pretty skeptical about
"miracle remedies" (having wasted plenty of money on some of
them!) but thought I'd give it a try because you were offering a
free sample application.  Since it was so very painful to walk that
day I was amazed to receive almost immediate relief of the intense
pain and with continued use have experienced relief of the
continual ache. I have since used it regularly and will be
purchasing more!  It works so well I told my rhuematologist about it
and am giving her your web address.  

Thank you so much!!!  

The items sold by Gut’Shu wu Inc. are not for treating illness or
disease of any kind.
The F.D.A. has not evaluated these statements.
Test for allergic reaction before use.